Additional FAQ will be included as needed.

Q.  Will TFC be offering a certificate at the end of taking the courses?

A.  Yes, it is our plans to make certain courses eligible for a Certificate of Completion. Our campus is new and we are still in the process of developing the curriculum and enlisting instructors. Our goal is to have things in place by the end of September, 2017.


Q.  Is 21st Century Christian Courses free?

A.  Yes, free to every student. Once we add courses for the Certificate of Completion Program, we will have a donation button for students to give as an option enabling  us to help off-set certain expenses.


Q.  Are the lectures preterism based?

A.  The courses we offer are not developed for creating new Preterists. Our aim is to teach the truth as we see it according to the Bible.
Each instructor will do his best to present his course from a biblical foundation.


Q.  What are the student requirements?

A.  We ask all students to be registered. This will be a requirement when taking the Certificate Courses. Each student will be able to study at his or her own pace. Most of the instructors will have course requirements, such as responding to a quiz, obtaining a book needed for the course, etc.
It is the up to the instructor as to what is contained within a syllabus if one is offered.