Become an Instructor

21st Century Christian Courses is inviting qualified teachers in preterism to submit an application to our online campus.
If you are interested in teaching a free course on subjects to better educate Fulfilled Covenant Believers, we would like to receive your application for review.
Each course is formatted as on demand. Your job would be to instruct the course and create a final exam grade. Students choose the type of involvement in their participation as a student.

The instructor will prepare, in advance, a series of lectures on mp3. These lectures will be uploaded to 21st Century Christian Courses and put in your online campus classroom.
Each lecture (session) should not be longer then 1 hour. Thirty to forty five minute sessions are ideal.

If interested:
Please submit something along these lines to

The Director,
21st Century Christian Courses, Online.

Subject: Job Application for Instructor

Dear Sir,

I am writing to show my keen interest for ‘Instructor’ in your online campus school system. I have the knowledge in Preterism and substantial understanding in the skill of teaching others concerning theology and/or biblical understanding.

I am capable person along with having excellent communication skills. I assure you that I will prove myself to be the best candidate in your institution. I will work hard to enhance school reputation, and maintain the worthy symbol of 21st Century Christian Courses.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,